MackTak’s Brand New Plus-Size Collection


“The fashion industry has always been exclusive—but even more so if you happened to be above a size 10 or 12. If you’ve ever eyed a runway look for next season’s wardrobe, chances are the brand wouldn’t make it in your size, unless you went straight to the designer for a custom-made dress.”  This quote from the Harper Bazaar Magazine ignited the idea of unveiling our rich and privileged collection of Plus-size outfits, containing various stylish, attractive, and special occasions designs with reasonable prices. The motto of our company has been always about”loyalty in service” and “satisfying all taste”. Well, If you’re overweight and you want to build a strong personal style, there is no need to worry at all. We put all of our efforts to provide our costumers the best services possible. Macktak is honored to announce that the new plus-size collection is ready-to-wear for its beautiful costumers all around the world. To ease you choices here are some practical tips  to consider:

-Use the light color to draw eye’s to the areas you like, and dark color for those you want to make smaller. (Dark colors hide, while light colors highlight)

-Stick to small prints, and smaller patterns.

-Choose diagonal and vertical strips, avoid horizontal.

-Wear well-fitting supportive undergarments to prevent unflattering lines.

-Put ruffles only on the areas you want to emphasize.

-Wear ruched or gathered fabric to make some areas smaller.

  • Be proud of what you are, you live once, so make it right and live it to the fullest length, in quality and beauty!!



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